Vintage Industrial Pieces To Furnish Your Home


Vintage Industrial Pieces To Furnish Your Home.

Vintage is the way to go. From antique lamps, clocks, caninets and tables, we can appreciate the timelessness of antiques and vintage items. Our love for vintage items stems from the past. In the past, everyday items were built in ways far different than they are today. Items such as tables, were made more elaborately, with more thought and intention put into their very design.


Our favorite antique items are usually flawed or defected in subtle or sometimes blantant ways, but that seems to add to the appeal, and our very fondness of them.


Hegron de Carl, an industrial, antique online store understands the need for peiceless, ageless, and tasteful antiquities, which is why the very premise of their entire business is on provoding high quality vintage household items such as caninets, drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, and so much more.


From collectors of antique items, to modern home makers looking to broaden their horizons and explore new tastes, Hagron de Carl is just the place for you!


Thebitems offered are by no means perfect, they have certainly stood the test of time. Each item has its own story, and draws inspiration from different parts of the world. For example the Athens cabinet, a cabinet with very ancient Greek features, stands at over 4 foot tall, and is made from sturdy burnished gold/copper colored iron. Another item that instantly catches the eye, is the Amsterdam Industrial Storage Cabinet.


The Amsterdam Industrial Storage Cabinet looks like an art composition. Its lavish yet flawed brown wooden exterior, as well as the limbs that support the deco, make this cabinet an artistic masterpiece.


Apart from the two items listed above, there are so many more items that have the potential to catch your eye, so go on ahead and give it a peek. You will be amazed at what you find. Click on industrial sideboard for more details.